playstation 4 games release date

Have you caught the fever yet? Playstation Vita fever that is! This new revolutionary gaming console will set the bar high for portable gaming world. If you haven’t been catching up to the news regarding this new upcoming gaming device that will be released later this year, you should. Not only that this console will have superior graphics that we have never seen in any portable gaming console before, this console will also allow you to play PS3 games on it! Imagine having able to play any of your PS3 games anywhere you go, and with the same superior graphics.

Playstation Vita, which is also called PS Vita or sometimes also called PSP Vita, is set to be launched worldwide around the end of this year. However, latest rumors has it that this device might be released as early as ‘Fall 2011′. This follows a statement by UK Publisher 505 Games, announcing that the game they are currently developing for PSP Vita, which is Supremacy MMA, will be arriving in Fall 2011. They also went on to say that PS Vita’s graphics makes this gaming console the best platform for their game.

For a record, Sony still has not yet announced the official release dates for PS Vita. However, rumors have been floating around that it will be out as early as November 4th, 2011. The statement made by UK Publisher 505 Games probably further confirms the rumor. Sony has not made any statement when asked about this, leaving us only to further speculate about the official release dates.

There was also a few other statements made by the company that PS Vita might be launched in ‘holiday season’ this year.

So what we can do now is to wait for official statement from Sony themselves. On the other hand, other game publishers currently working for the upcoming games to be released for PS Vita have also been praising the significant and superior features that this gaming console will be having and how the features will be complimenting their games significantly.

Sony also recently reduced PS Vita’s RAM capacity. Novarama, a PSP game studio and a partner of Sony, claimed that it will not affect the performance of the device, and will also not be affecting the performance of their game on PS Vita. With so much teasers and rumors regarding the device as we are getting closer to its release date, it only leaves us with more anticipation for this much awaited device.


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